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Top 10 Best Lesbian Hookup Sites: Where To Find The Hottest Girls?

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Lesbian hookup sites are very popular nowadays among the representatives of different social groups. The representatives of LGBTQ communities become more active since they try to deprive all previously existing prejudices. People are free in their thoughts and desires. That is why they do not have to follow the generally established rules that women should date only with males in order to create a family and give birth to a child and better two. Often, women may be fond of other women. And this fact should be perceived as an ordinary thing because it does not depend on them. Their inner nature may push them to make such a choice. That is why when girls realize this, they start registering at lesbian hookup websites in order to understand whether their desire is normal or not. Fortunately, they understand that they are not alone. Indeed, there are thousands of other women who prefer other women to males.

Many women are shy because of their inner desire to date or have sexual encounters with other women. Some of them are even afraid of confessing themselves that they have such a wish. But they should not be ashamed because of this fact. If such a desire is present, it is necessary to try. As a rule, the first time lesbian hookup helps to relax and understand that lesbian relationships aren’t something strange and unusual. In most cases, this first time becomes decisive for a girl to understand whether she is lesbian or should be away from it. Only personal experience can tell you for sure what to do with such inner feelings. When a girl is still afraid of the fact that somebody can know about her sexual preferences, she may try a secret lesbian hookup. Such an offer can be found in many lesbian communities. We will discuss the best lesbian communities a little bit later. As for now, it is necessary to understand why lesbian hookups are so popular and why people are looking for them. Nobody will argue that it is difficult to find something more exciting and charming in the world as female body and beauty. Not only males understand that women’s beauty is a thing that is worth a lot. That is why each lesbian hookup site tries to underline this fact by posting the most beautiful women on the welcoming pages of their websites. But there are many women who recognize women’s nature as a powerful thing that makes other females lose their heads in front of the natural beauty and charm.

The female couples are relatively strong. The power of their relationships is very high. It is due to the fact that nobody can understand the woman better than the other woman. That is why many female representatives of the LGBTQ community visit free lesbian hookup sites to find their romantic relationships with like-minded girls. The female partners will always find a theme to discuss. They will always understand each other in their natural demands and lifestyle. That is why many women who are tired of misunderstandings with their male counterparts try to runaways and find a girl who will understand them better. Fortunately, with free lesbian hookup sites, it becomes more than possible. With the help of advanced search filters available in many lesbian communities, it becomes easier to find a match with the same interests, preferences, and views on life. There, you will be able to indicate the desired age, height, hair color, and even eye color of your preferred partner. For this, it will be only necessary to register at some lesbian hookup website, which will attract your attention.

There are lots of different communities in the lesbian niche of dating websites. You will be able to find everything you want here. The statistic shows that lesbian category is the most frequently visited on the websites with adult content. It would be difficult to find a male who has never dreamt of joining those charming lesbian girls who are kissing and petting each other with their fingers and tongues. That is why there are lots of males at lesbian hookup sites. At least, they would like to look at those girls and join them if they would be ready for threesome encounters. Lesbian sex hookups will always be attractive not only for females but for males as well. However, this is a little bit different branch of lesbian dating communities.

Additionally, it is necessary to consider that lesbian communities may offer not only online communication but also real-life meeting. For this, the girls should google “lesbian hookup near me”, and the system will find the dating communities which have registered members in your region. In such a way, your chances of finding a real partner will increase significantly. Among the lesbian hookup dating sites free services, it will be possible to find a search filter that will sort all the matches according to the location. In such a way, the lesbian girls will be able to move faster to real-life meetings.

In this review, we will try to talk about the best lesbian dating websites. Thus, lesbian hookup dating sites’ free services will be taken into account because they are decisive in the determination of the best communities. As a rule, we pay attention to the number of active subscribers at each website during evaluation. Also, the users’ reviews play a significant role in the determination of the website’s quality. However, it is necessary to distinguish between real-life reviews and those written by bots. The user’s experience is always significant when deciding which of the lesbian hookup sites is better and why. We also pay attention to all the available features, which are not present in the other communities. That is why let’s immerse together in the world of lesbian hookup websites with all their advantages and disadvantages and decide which of them is the best.

10 The Best Lesbian Hookup Sites

  1. Good for lesbians from English-speaking countries. PinkCupid
  2. Good for lesbian and bi-curious women. BiCupid
  3. Good for lesbians and queers. Her
  4. Good for lesbian flings and hookups. LesbianPersonals
  5. Good for those looking for serious relationships. Hinge
  6. Good for lesbian couples. FriendFinder-X
  7. Good for finding partners according to interests. GirlfriendsMeet
  8. Good for finding friendship relationships. LesbianFriendsDate
  9. Good for lesbians and bisexuals. PinkSofa
  10. Good for secret lesbian hookup. Wapa (Brenda)

PinkCupid (only Android app is available)


This is one of the best lesbian hookup sites. It belongs to the most reputable Cupid family of dating communities. With about one million subscribers worldwide, PinkCupid is the best platform for lesbian and bi-curious women. Since its establishment in 2006, it has continually gained more and more popularity. It offers free messaging features for its subscribers. Also, everybody may decide which package of features they need and choose one of the two premium subscriptions (Gold and Platinum). The number of subscribers here is smaller compared to OkCupid because PinkCupid is a niche dating site. However, the prevailing part of users at this lesbian hookup website are bi-curious girls who perceive lesbian relationships as fun. This community is not expensive and has a high interest among subscribers.


  • The subscribers here may expect long-term relationships.
  • PinkCupid has advanced security measures. All the payments are protected by SSL encryption.
  • Even free-based members may send messages without an advanced subscription.
  • All the profiles undergo verification during one or two days.


  • Apple users cannot download an application.
  • There are many pop-up advertisements, which are difficult to skip.
  • The number of active subscribers is not high because of the website’s nature.

Price list (a free version is available):

Gold membership:

  • One month – $24.98
  • Three months – $16.66 ($5.55 per month)
  • Twelve months – $8.33 ($0.69 per month)

Platinum membership:

  • One month – $29.98
  • Three months – $20 ($6.67 per month)
  • Twelve months – $10 ($0.83 per month)
PinkCupid Offer

BiCupid (Android; iOS)


BiCupid was one of the first LGBTQ dating communities. It is one of the best platforms for bisexual singles. Thus, it perfectly operates as a lesbian hookup website where subscribers may find lesbian or bi-curious women. As a reputable dating website, BiCupid helps thousands of members to find appropriate matches with the same interests and preferences. There are more than a million subscribers worldwide because there are lots of males and females here. Additionally, it is attractive for couples. Almost all of the subscribers are in their twenties, and they are looking for fun and serious relationships as well.


  • BiCupid offers lots of forums and blogs with enough interactive and valuable materials and discussions.
  • The security measures are significant here.
  • There are enough free contacting features.
  • The profiles are rather detailed here.


  • The design and interface of the website are somewhat outdated.
  • The number of males subscribers is much higher.
  • The matching algorithm is relatively weak here.

Price list (a free version is available):

  • One month – $39.99
  • Three months – $69.99 ($23.33 per month)
  • Six months – $109.99 ($18.33 per month)
BiCupid Offer

Her (Android; iOS)


Her is one of the most popular lesbian hookup sites. It is because the website was created by lesbians for lesbian women. This community knows the best ways to attract the woman’s attention and what to do to win her heart. It is not only a lesbian hookup site, but it caters to long-term relationships as well. The website was created in 2013 and has gained about one million subscribers. Here, almost all the subscribers have profile photos, and they have an opportunity to send messages for free. However, it is necessary to be a friend or a match. Because of its features, Her is used as a social media platform.


  • The profile cannot be created without photos.
  • The majority of subscribers are young adults.
  • Profile creation is possible via social media platforms.


  • The search filter is not advanced (only location and age) .
  • The mobile application experiences crash.
  • Messaging is possible only between friends and matches.

Price list (a free version is available):

  • One month – $14.99
  • Three months – $59.99 ($10 per month)
  • Twelve months – $89.99 ($7.5 per month)
HER Offer

LesbianPersonals (website version only)


LesbianPersonals is a good dating community for lesbians and bisexual women who are looking for short-term relationships and hookups. Serious relations are not in priority here. The website’s members underline that the users are rather responsive here. In order to decrease the number of fake profiles on your way here, the website offers to undergo verification. The website implies the psychological means to determine the best matches for you.


  • It is a welcoming community with a vast number of registered members.
  • You may access other members from the Friendfinder network.
  • There are chat rooms you can join according to the preferred topic of the room or your location.
  • Messaging is free here.


  • There is no mobile application (however, the website is mobile-friendly) .
  • There are many fake profiles that are unverified.
  • When the profile is inactive, the monthly fees may be charged in any case.

Price list (a free version is available):

  • One month – $27.95
  • Three months – $59.85 ($19.95 per month)
  • One year – $179.40 ($14.95 per month)

Hinge (no web; Android and iOS only)


Hinge is a dating platform where users are looking for serious and long-term relationships. There are various categories of people with different sexual preferences. However, it may also function as a lesbian hookup site. But this community works only as a mobile application; the desktop version is absent. There are lots of female representatives of LGBTQ communities. The matchmaking style is close to Tinder here (roulette-type). When performing the activity at this app, the owners will present a free one-month premium subscription with all possible features. The community has over five million subscribers worldwide, and about one million are lesbians. Many of them are residents of the United States.


  • The application has a modern design and excellent usability.
  • The profiles are detailed enough.
  • The messaging features are free and unlimited.
  • The number of fake profiles is minimal because of mobile verification.


  • The desktop version is absent.
  • Sometimes, women start cheating and upload fake photos.
  • Customer support is hard to reach.

Price list (a free version is available):

  • One month – $9.99
  • Three months – $20.97 ($6.99 per month)
  • Half-year – $29.94 ($4.99 per month)
Hinge Offer

FriendFinder-X (only website version)


It is an adult dating community, which was created about 20 years ago. Since that time, the website has gained extensive popularity among straights and LGBTQ singles, including LGBTQ couples. In such a way, lesbian sex hookup is what everybody can find here. The statistics show that this is the most populous dating community. Among the features, we may mention real-time candid videos. Its primary purposes are casual dating and hookups. Free lesbian hookups are among them. The website even offers the Sex Academy courses with sex-related content. With the help of a manual search, you may find the appropriate match here according to your preferences.


  • The FriendFinder-X helps to find matches utilizing compatibility charts and testimonials.
  • There are lots of explicit videos and photos.
  • Professional models here do not take money for their live webcam shows.
  • The profiles are very detailed, and it is possible to find them with extensive search filters.


  • The premium membership at this lesbian hookup site is somewhat pricey.
  • The free-based members have limited opportunities for communication.
  • The mobile application is not present in FriendFinder-X.

Price list (a free version is available):

Gold membership:

  • One month – $40
  • Three months – $81 ($27 per month)
  • One-year subscription – $240 ($20 per month)

Standard contacts:

  • One month – $20
  • Three months – $36 ($12 per month)

Additionally, the subscribers may buy tokens and coins (special currency of the website).

FriendFinderX Offer

GirlfriendsMeet (only website version)


This lesbian hookup dating site free is exclusively for women. The background of this community is built on the opportunity to find a partner with similar interests in life. Girls indicate their interests in movies, music, books, tastes, and other decisive things in their profiles. The lesbian women communicate in chats and discuss all this information. However, the website positions itself as a casual dating community. But you still can find this platform googling “Lesbian hookup near me”. There are dozens of lesbian, bisexual, bi-curious women who are waiting for you here. However, you will find here partners from any corner of the world.


  • The website belongs to the category of free lesbian hookup sites.
  • It is possible to create an account with the help of Twitter, Facebook, or Google+.
  • The website offers an extensive search filter.
  • You can make a photo album and view the albums of other members.


  • The website does not have a mobile application.
  • The support department is not responsive enough.
  • The membership base is not very big.

Price list:

  • The website is entirely free of charge.

LesbianFriendsDate (only website version)


The website’s title hints that it is a lesbian hookup site. However, many reviews underline that there are many other representatives of LGBTQ communities among its subscribers. The website has a modern and pleasant design. Also, it is mobile-friendly and may be easily used with the help of your smartphone or tablet. However, the mobile application is still absent. The website cares about users’ safety and comfort and allows you to block users when you do not want to contact them.


  • The lesbian hookup dating site’s free service is the main feature of this community.
  • It is a lesbian hookup website. An advanced search filter helps in finding a lesbian hookup.
  • You may block fraudsters here.
  • The Google account may be used to create a profile.


  • The mobile application is absent here.
  • Because of the absence of email confirmation, the number of fake users is high.

Price list:

  • It is an entirely free website without a paid membership.

PinkSofa (only desktop version available)


PinkSofa is a well-known lesbian hookup website that invites lesbians and bisexuals. The website was created in 1999 and has gained a good reputation among subscribers. Here, you will receive support if you experience difficulties with contacting other girls. This community has around half a million subscribers worldwide (primarily English-speaking countries). The average age of subscribers here is 33 years. You may feel free and safe here because of the website’s security measures.


  • It is possible to get a free trial version for new members.
  • There are many verified accounts.
  • It is possible to see who is currently online.
  • The profiles are rather detailed, and you may see others’ profiles for free.


  • The application is not available at PinkSofa.
  • The free-based members cannot send or receive messages.

Price list (a free version is available):

  • One month – $35
  • Three months – $65 ($21.67 per month)
  • One year – $125 ($10.42 per month)

Wapa (Brenda) (only application)


Wapa is known as one of the best lesbian hookup sites. It welcomes lesbian, bi-curious, and bisexual women worldwide. Initially, it was known as the Brenda app. Wapa is only for women. Owners developed the site for gay males as well (it is called Wapo). This website was created for those who respect lesbians as persons but not only sexualize them. Thus, it’s possible to expect long-term and serious relationships here. However, it is necessary to be careful and not trust fake profiles, which are present here because of the absence of email verification. But as for photos, they need to undergo approval by a moderation department.


  • There are unlimited messaging features for free-based users.
  • Video calls are available as well.
  • The site’s translator helps to communicate with foreigners.
  • The premium membership is relatively cheap.


  • The free-based subscribers enjoy only a limited number of features.
  • The membership base is small at Wapa.
  • Fake members are active here.

Price list (a free version is available but limited):

  • One month – $4.99
  • One year – $35.99 ($3 per month)
Wapa Offer


No one will argue that the lesbian dating niche is rather extensive nowadays. There are lots of lesbian hookup sites, which attract the attention of thousands of subscribers. Some of them (such as PinkCupid or BiCupid) have more than one million active users. Who can know better how to bring the highest delight for a woman than the other woman? That is why many lesbians, bisexual, and bi-curious female subscribers join free lesbian hookup sites and start their search among like-minded people. There is nothing more perfect than to find a partner with the same tastes and preferences. Because of this, they register at these platforms and have great chances to fulfill their dreams and desires. There are dozens of those who experienced their first time lesbian hookup, and they are more than pleased. Of course, there could be pitfalls, but the majority of subscribers come here to meet the same-minded people, even when they are a little bit shy. At lesbian hookup sites, you will receive support and understanding because people are the same here.

Frequently Asked Questions

🧙‍♀️Are members at lesbian hookup sites real?

Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but most subscribers are real at lesbian websites. When there are fakes, the websites block them immediately. It is recommended to choose websites with verification procedures. The verification process reduces the possibility of meeting fake profiles.

👐Whom can you meet at lesbian hookup websites?

The majority of subscribers on such platforms are lesbians. However, there are lots of bisexual and bi-curious females (including cisgenders and transgender people). However, the males may sometimes join the community to observe beautiful women or organize threesome meet-ups.

👮‍♀️Are lesbian hookup sites secure?

The administration of each community cares about security measures. They care about the safety of the information. Also, all the payment procedures are encrypted with SSL encryption. That is why you should not be afraid that payment information will be stolen.

💸Are there completely free lesbian hookup sites?

About 15% of all lesbian dating websites are completely free. The GirlfriendsMeet and The LesbianFriendsDate are lesbian hookup dating sites free communities. These websites do not have premium subscriptions. Hence, all the available features are open for registered subscribers.

🤔Are lesbians prejudiced towards males?

No, the subscribers of lesbian hookup sites don’t hate (or something like that) males. Many subscribers here are bisexuals. That is why they are ready to have contact with both males and females. Some women just feel more comfortable with other women because they can understand each other much better. Also, common interests make them closer. Often, males do not understand the life peculiarities that females encounter. That is why a distance may be formed between men and women. Lesbian hookup websites never cater to the negative attitude towards males.

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