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FatFlirt Review 2023

FatFlirt Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 88%
Quality Matches 49%
Popular Age 18-45
Profiles 200 000
Reply Rate 67%
Ease of Use 8.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • One benefit of this dating platform is that it is fully location-based. It filters out profiles according to the user's location to increase the chances of a possible match-up.
  • Being a site that requires a paid subscription to access all the features, its paid features are worth spending your money on. More on this later, of course.
  • The like gallery feature of FatFlirt allows you to like the profiles you think are suitable for you and pass the ones that you don't think match your standards, making the process of sorting profiles easier.
  • The USP of this site is specially made for curvy women who find it harder to find love on other sites whose features make it harder for them to look for equality.
  • This is a dating site that offers you read receipts for messages. Getting ghosted isn't the best feeling and not knowing if the user has ignored you or just hasn't accessed their account is terrible. This site gives you an option to know just that. The website allows you to send messages to 5 people per day for free. This way, you get to see how FatFlirt works before deciding if you want to get a paid membership or not.
  • The best thing about the site has to be the hassle-free registration process. No one likes to spend a lot of time on the site filling up the excessive details. Dating sites are meant to have fun and find love, and the registration should be as easy as possible.
  • The presence of the website’s mobile version helps the site to be available to more people.
  • Today when smartphones are cheaper than ever, everyone finds it easier to use their phones until they have to do something that can only be done on a desktop. In this scenario, not having a mobile application makes it tougher for a dating site to compete with those with an application to support the website. Unfortunately, FatFlirt doesn’t have an application that can work on a smartphone. Although, it does have a website version that works on smartphones just fine.
  • Logging on a dating site to find a partner might seem like a fun task, but if you don't take care of your privacy, your details can reach a place you're not comfortable with. Most of the dating sites get into trouble for this point, and FatFlirt, too, has many authenticity issues.
  • Having a premium account option is not uncommon for dating sites, but this one charges a hefty fee for paid services.
  • As security is concerned, the pictures of the users and their contact list aren't exactly safe as the site can use pictures for personal purposes as well, as they have access to the users' contacts.
  • The location has a strict need to be filled in, which might be a turn-off for some.

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FatFlirt is a dating platform made for people of all sizes to find their perfect partners, because why should skinny girls have all the fun? When it comes to love, nothing matters anymore. Size, shape, race, ethnicity, all these factors are last in line because when you fall in love, you don’t see reasons. Finding a perfect partner needs effort but adjusting because of your size isn’t one of them.

A dating site should be free of all stereotypes if it wants to become accessible, and this site does exactly that. Why go out looking out for love when you can find it here precisely how you desire to? Finding love online can get complicated, especially for women who are seen by societal standards. Still, FatFlirt helps you to overcome your fear of disability to find a partner due to something that shouldn’t matter in the first place.

No dating site will ever be all rainbows. To find a partner online is to give all you have in making a profile and going through other profiles searching for someone you’ve always been waiting for. But that can get tricky, as no dating site will be perfect. That being said, this is a subtle attempt at evaluating this site considering both sides of a coin.

Sign Up Process


While the other sites and apps might take less time for the users to sign up and join, the FatFlirt site might take a comparatively longer time to sign up and become a member of the platform.

The sign-in page of the site requires the users to select the matches they find perfect for them. Basic information such as the name, gender, age, location, and city of the user is also needed.

People below the age of 18 are not allowed to use Fatflirt. After the general details are filled in, the user’s email must undergo the verification process. Once the accounts are verified and the process of sign up and login is completed, the users can proceed further with creating their profiles. Profiles can have primary or more details depending on the wishes of the user.



The interface is an essential factor, no matter what you think. A user-friendly interface makes the site a lot more desirable. Having a pretty basic interface, this site is worth trying as all types of users can enjoy the site. Colour-coordinated and easy-to-use, you don’t have to worry about this site when it comes to interface.

Free vs Paid Membership

Not everyone has the desire to pay for a premium account, and not everyone is ready to. Paying for a dating site to find a partner only seems worth it when the features of the said site are that attractive. FatFlirt gives you enough reasons to consider a paid account.

Free Services

Using a dating site where every single one of its features is paid isn’t an attractive choice. This site provides free features such as going through the like gallery to find the profiles that suit you and sending messages to 5 different people per day. You can access the free features by signing up and making a profile for yourself. Choosing if to buy a premium account is the next step.

As already discussed, FatFlirt expects you to pay for extra features. Along with some free features, the paid account of this site is something that you might want to try if you’re looking to find compatible partners.

Price Advantages

Paid services (Approximate cost)

1-week trial: 7 USD

1-month membership: 29 USD

3-month membership: 49 USD

  • The feature of reading receipts makes this site very attractive to know who might be interested in talking to you and who isn’t right away.
  • Having a paid account shows you how much you can with a premium membership of FatFlirt.
  • Texting is the biggest part of what forms communication on a dating site. While a standard account allows you to text five people per day for free, a premium account will enable you to text as many people as you wish to.
  • A decent customer care service makes the platform more attractive.
  • You can also view private photos of the users. This feature is only available to paid accounts.

Search Hookup on FatFlirt


Searching for a partner is the most basic feature that a dating platform provides you with. When you search for hookups on a dating site and find that the process is straightforward, you’re automatically lured towards using the site. FatFlirt makes this easy for you as going through profiles is the least complex feature on the site. Accessing the like gallery is free for all, making it easier for users to look for love in the easiest and most fun way.

Searching Options and Filters

The most boring task on a dating site is the need to go through hundreds and hundreds of profiles to find the one you’re looking for. And when it is about a site like this one where thousands of new users log in every week, it seems impossible to go through all profiles by yourself. That is why the dating platform needs to make this process easier for you through filters. Here are some filters provided to you by FatFlirt:

  • Location, distance from the users
  • Age preference
  • Gender
  • Eye color, other criterions based on looks

Communication With Users

Without a proper way of communication, finding a partner is almost impossible. A dating site must offer communication services that make it easier for you to know someone before moving forward. Texting five people per day is free for all accounts, but you have to buy a paid membership to access unlimited communication. FatFlirt has one of the easiest ways to connect with new people.

How Does FatFlirt Work?

It shouldn’t be complex to understand how a site works and whether it is user-friendly. As mentioned above, a user-friendly website must be easy to navigate for even those who aren’t very tech-savvy. It is a crucial point for a website. This site makes it easier for everyone to use it and find a partner. By registering and creating a profile for yourself, you can use FatFlirt and make your love life enjoyable, no matter your size.

How Many Real Accounts Are There on FatFlirt?

The authenticity of the profiles matters the most on a platform. Although reportedly, there are many spam profiles on this website, you can easily report a profile as soon as you suspect it of being fake. Making a profile and putting all the necessary details to clarify which type of partner you’re looking for makes it easier for you to find your suitable match. It is advisable to report spam profiles and look out for real accounts that might interest you.

Website and Mobile Version

FatFlirt doesn’t offer a mobile application. Nowadays, having a mobile application has become essential for any dating site as everyone is more comfortable being on platforms with their phones. However, the site does have a mobile version, making it easier for users to access the site from their mobiles.

Special Features


The features of a website are essential; according to them, you decide if you want to use the platform. This site offers you a lot of features, though most of them are paid ones. The best ones are:

  • Like Gallery — The users can decide whether they like a particular profile or not. A feature to like or pass the profile or photos on the site is available through which the user can select a member or not. They can also save the profile they like and can see the likes on their profile.
  • Flirt Cast — This feature allows the user to send sweet messages to multiple users at once. However, the limitation of five messages applies here. So one message can be sent to each user on the site. The user can choose the messages from predefined messages as well. A profile picture and payment are required to access the feature.
  • FatFlirt also allows its users to minutely select their partners through criteria like orientation, location, body type and size, and even eye color and hair.
  • People can also limit their searches to the users who are nearby or currently online.
  • It helps the users promote their account on the site to be seen by a more significant number of people.
  • The site also provides tips for online safe dating.

FatFlirt Alternatives


BBWCupid: Being a subtle alternative to FatFlirt, this is a dating site specially made for big women. Being the abbreviation of big beautiful women, this site allows you to find a partner no matter your shape. This dating platform has the option of offering you two different types of paid accounts, namely Gold and Platinum. The women-to-men ratio is well-balanced, which makes this site attractive for all users.

WooPlus: Another alternative, WooPlus is a dating platform especially for long-term commitments. People looking for a relationship that will last longer and not a casual fling are the most common users here. The great advantage of this platform is that it has a mobile application. However, it doesn’t have a website. Fat shaming is one thing that isn’t allowed, and this platform makes sure everyone is welcome to look for partners in the most desirable, non-discriminatory ways.

LargeFriends: Made for plus-sized people, this site is for those who want love and are unapologetically curvy. It offers a 3-day trial that makes it easy to experiment and decide whether this site is suitable for you. It is an excellent alternative to FatFlirt, although it doesn’t give you the feature of reading receipts.

Safety FatFlirt

Ensuring that you are safe on a platform is essential before logging on to it and filling in your details. Your personal information, as well as the financial one, needs to be secure. There are security concerns about this website that it uses the pictures of the users for its profit purposes. Still, FatFlirt is constantly working on safety measures and is trying to make sure that you feel safe while using the platform.

Customer Support

Good customer care service that solves the users’ complaints in the best possible way is essential for a dating site. This site gives you the facility of customer care as well. It is always advisable to report profiles that seem unauthentic because it ensures the safety of not only you but all the users.

Some of the most common questions while using the site are answered below.

How to Delete FatFlirt Account?

Deleting the FatFlirt account is pretty easy as you can do it in a few clicks. Deleting a profile becomes essential when you have to take care of your information’s security and want to be sure that you can quit anytime.

FatFlirt Is Free?

FatFlirt allows you to access all the free features just by registering. The features like texting five people per day and going through the like gallery, liking, and passing profiles are free of cost and available to all types of users. However, the site’s premium features are only available to paid members.

How to Block Someone on FatFlirt?

Spam profiles and unwanted messages can make a dating site highly undesirable. Blocking and reporting a profile is a feature that should be available to everyone on every site, especially on a dating one. This site gives you the option to block a profile, so you can save yourself from unwanted texts from users that aren’t your type. You also have the opportunity to contact customer service to report a profile in case of inconvenience.

How to Cancel FatFlirt Subscription?

Exiting a platform should be as easy as entering it. If you don’t have the option of canceling your membership whenever you want, the desirability of the forum falls into question right from that moment. FatFlirt offers you the option of withdrawing your subscription whenever you want. The feature is available on the site itself. You have the right to know if the payment is recurring or a non-recurring one, so you can cancel your subscription at the right moment if you feel like you don’t want a paid membership anymore.

How to Download FatFlirt App?

Not having a mobile application can seem like the biggest downside to many. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t have an application. Today, most people are most comfortable with using an application rather than using their computer to do the same. For that, the website has an option of a mobile version. So you can access the site on the go.

What Are the Payment Methods That FatFlirt Accepts?

Like any other dating site, FatFlirt accepts credit cards as the mode of payment for its paid membership. Financial information is something that you can’t compromise on. Making sure that your financial details remain safe after making the payment is necessary before you go ahead with it.


Finding a partner online is never easy, and you will find your person in the most unexpected ways. But it doesn’t stop anyone from keeping looking for love. You log on to a dating site with a mindset and probably leave it with finding the one you were looking for. Loving someone irrespective of everything is the purest of feelings. Something like size should never become one of the factors depending on which you choose a partner, and FatFlirt allows you to feel free.

Many dating sites today support the stereotypes, and they need to be avoided at all costs. Finding a partner on a site like this one becomes fun and easy. Knowing what you want right from the start can make it easier for you to find your type. If you’re curvy, and this is something that you would not want to miss – FatFlirt is precisely the type of dating platform that can help you to find the partner of your dreams.

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